About Us

Kainops provides unique fossils and minerals from around the world. With experts in paleontology, geology, and ethical sourcing, we provide fantastic, affordable pieces. All with a story hundreds of millions of years old.


Kainops was founded to bring the intersection of our team’s expertise to the public: art, minerals, and fossils. It’s hard to imagine a better sculpture than one that takes millions of years to make. At Kainops, we’re passionate about all things geology. From high school earth science classrooms to years-long research projects, our background brings you piece from near and far perfect for budding paleontologists and Instagram shoots alike.

We have a particular focus on fossils as design. Phenomenal examples of natural art, fossils make stunning accents or vibrant centerpieces for any home. Our interior designers will work with you to find the perfect piece for any space.

We’re named after a team favorite, the trilobite genus Kainops. Kainops belongs to the family Phacopidae, and is found in the early Devonian, over four hundred million years ago. With a face like that, what’s not to love?